Tial Sport VB3745 GT42-GT45 SS304 Turbine Outlet Flange

Your Price: $49.99
Part Number:603-08915-6000
  • Application:Tial Sport VB3745 GT42-GT45 SS304 Turbine Outlet Flange
  • Material:304 Stainless Steel
  • Outlet Size:3.5" (with integrated taper to 4")
  • Quantity:Single Flange
  • Part #:603-08915-6000
  • Flange OD Size:114mm
  • Fire Ring OD Size:92mm

Stainless Bros Tial Sport VB3745 SS304 Turbine Outlet Flange fits GT42 and GT45 Turbocharges utilizing the Tial Sport Stainless Turbine Housing. This flange has been designed for the abuse of high horsepower racing in mind and has been used in some of the worlds fastest record setting Nissan GTR's and Dodge Vipers!

*This flange is designed to be used with our Stainless Bros 4" tubing*

Application:  Tial Sport VB3745 Stainless GT42 and GT45 Turbine V-Band Outlet
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Outlet: 3.5" (with integrated taper to 4")
Quantity: Single Flange
Part #: 603-08915-6000

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