Straight Cutting Fixture (2.5", 3", 3.5") - Sequence Mfg by Ticon

Your Price: $299.99
Part Number:903-03002-2000

Ticon Industries has teamed up with Sequence Manufacturing to offer an entirely new way to cut tubing straight; eliminating the most frustrating part of the fabrication process. Each straight cutting jig cuts 2.5", 3", and 3.5" stainless, aluminum, and titanium tubes  The straight cutting jigs can also work on other items as well such as 2" pipe for manifold builders.

A few key features of the straight cutting jig include:

- Safely hold tube to cut in multiple saw configurations (vertical or horizontal bandsaws for example).  There is no longer a need to stack multiple pieces of tube into the saw vice to hold the tube. One no longer needs to tack weld pieces together to stabilize the tubing for a cut; saving tons of time and money.

- You can easily mark tubing where you want to make the cut when building one off parts, or you can use a protractor to duplicate the same cut over and over for production work.
- Jig makes cutting all thin wall and thick wall material significantly easier, but especially makes cutting titanium far easier than ever imagined

- Makes cutting small portions of a tube much easier and safer. You can now simply clamp the small piece into the tool and make the cut in far less time and safer than any other cutting method.
- Switching tube size only takes a few seconds which makes it easy to rapidly switch between jobs.
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