Billet 4 to 1 Collector - 1-1/2" Pipe / 2" SCH10 Outlet / No WG - SS304

Your Price: $624.99
Part Number:903-03915-1400
  • Inlet Pipe Size:1-1/2" SCH10 Pipe

Stainless Bro's and Sequence Manufacturing have teamed up once again to introduce a new line of billet merge collectors for heavy wall/pipe style manifolds. Here's why you should check them out:

  • Time Saver: Save a ton of time building collectors, especially when dealing with the wastegate outlet. No need to mess with expensive hole saws or plasma cutters.

  • Consistent Results: These collectors make reproducing your manifolds a breeze with 100% repeatability.

  • No More Breakage: Forget about the usual weak spot – the wastegate outlet weld that tends to break. We've got that covered for you.

  • Easy Welding: The runners are spaced well enough that you don't need to be a welding expert, especially when working on the last runner.

  • User-Friendly Design: 1/8 NPT port for optional back pressure monitoring, threaded bolt holes, and 1-1/2" pipe runners with specific ID/OD dimensions.

  • Ready to Weld: Beveled and ready for welding, with a polished surface finish to make your manifold stand out.

  • More Options Coming: Stay tuned for additional configurations, and feel free to share your suggestions with us. We're all about making your manifold-building experience easier and better.

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