3" SS304 45° Elbow - 1D / 3" CLR - 16GA / .065" - No Leg

Your Price: $27.99
Part Number:601-07626-3100

Stainless Bros SS304 45° elbow has a 16GA/.065" wall thickness to work perfectly with our straight tubing, extruded from our 16GA/.065" 304 Stainless Steel. Each elbow is individually extruded, the ends are laser cut and then they are ultrasonically cleaned to provide a ready to weld solution right out of the package.

Stainless Bros utilizes our own proprietary cnc extrusion process to provide a perfect bend every time. Our Stainless Steel elbows will drastically reduce the fabrication time needed for producing a full Stainless exhaust system when pie cuts become too time consuming.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Wall Thickness: 16GA /.065"
Bend Degree: 45°
Bend Radius: 1D
Quantity: Single Elbow

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