1 7/8" SS304 Pie Cut - 1D Tight Radius - 16GA/.065" Wall - 5 Pack (45°total)

Your Price: $16.99
Part Number:609-04801-0016
  • Application: 1 7/8" SS304 Pie Cut - 1D Tight Radius - 16GA/.065" Wall - 5 Pack (45°total)
  • Material:304 Stainless Steel
  • Quantity:1 Pack of 5 Pie Cuts (45° Bend)
  • Part #:609-04801-0016

Stainless Bros 1 7/8" SS304 Pie Cuts are precision laser cut from our high quality 304 Stainless Steel 16GA(.065") wall thickness tubing. They then enter our commercial grade deburring process at which point they are completely cleaned of any imperfections on the cut and brushed to a fine finish. They are finished with a rigorous Ultrasonic Cleaning process before individual packaging to ensure every Stainless Bros SS304  Pie Cut is ready to weld right out of the package with no prep work required on the users end. Stainless Bros eliminates the difficulty and potential material waste from cutting your own sections of Stainless Steel tube into sections for fabricating complex bends. This will drastically reduce the fabrication time and risk needed for making your products. Each pie section has been engineered with a  4.5° cut on each side of the pie for a total of 9° per pie cut and are sold in packs of 5 pieces for a total of 45° of bend per pack.


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