QD Titanium Shower Diffuser Kit ( 3 QD Shower Head, 1 QD 10' Line, 1 QD Regulator Fitting ) - Tig Aesthetics by Ticon

Your Price: $199.99
Part Number:903-76000-3000

The TIG Aesthetics QD Hose Kit by Ticon Industries is a unique argon delivery system designed to be ultra light weight with an easy to use quick disconnect interface.

The Quick Disconnect hose kit Includes:

- One Female QD socket to Argon Regulator adapter, allowing this kit to be used on nearly any argon gas system.

- One 10' long Ultra Flex High PSI braided hose with pre-crimped "Rectus type-20" compatible fittings.

- 3 pack of QD Shower Head Diffusers to further prevent accidental disconnection during the welding process and during repositioning. The QD Shower Head Diffuser is engineered to work with all of the TIG Aesthetics Silicone Purge Plugs (excluding the 1" tube plug) and is made from solid CP2 Titanium. Titanium was chosen to keep things as light as possible while preventing oxidation and contamination inside your weldment.  The Titanium Diffuser is designed with ruggedness in mind and you should never need another fitting as they can swapped into new plugs as the old ones wear.

Installation: Simply remove the mesh diffuser from the plug. Insert the fitting through the gas inlet hole from the inside. Install the mesh diffuser over the top, capturing the fitting inside the plug. plug in all of your QD fittings and get to welding!

Say goodbye to accidental hose disconnects forever!

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