Tig Aesthetics Silicone Flat Trailing Shield - #16 BBW

Your Price: $125.00
Part Number:903-78016-1000

TIG Aesthetics and Ticon Industries are eager to announce the latest Innovation in our TIG welding lineup! The TIG Aesthetics Trailing Shield. It is the Ultimate solution for welding highly reactive metals where an inert environment is required. Manufactured from high temperature silicone, the Trailing Shield withstands the heat absorbed by any #16 or 1" welding cup and will hold its structural integrity to 100+ amp welds. The Trailing Shield also includes a built in drag bar on the tail of the shield to assist in the prevention of direct heated material contact. The best application for this tool is to increase travel speed on flat sheet or plate, its compact design also allows for better control in most freehand welding applications. 

-please note that the silicone body is meant to hover above and not make contact with the actual weld seam- 

Our proven, multi-layer screen diffuser combined with the shower head diffuser fitting integrate seamlessly with the silicone while providing additional rigidity to the body of the shield; providing excellent argon diffusion to the weldment. The reinforced screen diffuser allows for excellent gas coverage on flat sheet or plate materials.

User setup tips and tricks:

Included hose retention tab is designed to snap on to the back cap and align the argon inlet hose perfectly straight into the shield body, ensuring consistent results when manipulating torch angle during the weld process. (we recommend using TIG Aesthetics 6mm Argon Purge line)

Recommended gas flow for the Trailing Shield is 15-20 SCFH *dependent on weldment and environment*

Ensure a proper setup by running a test pass on some scrap material to solidify personal preference on flow and speed.

Included in the TIG Aesthetics Silicone Trailing Shield Kit:

Silicone trailer chassis - Green x 1
Stainless Steel Mesh Diffuser x 1
Titanium Shower Head Diffuser fitting x 1
Titanium Hose Retention Tab x 1

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