SS304 Motorcycle O2 Sensor Bung Plug M12x1.25mm

Your Price: $7.99
Part Number:608-00700-0000
  • Application:O2 Sensor Bung Plug M12x1.25
  • Material:304 Stainless Steel
  • Quantity:Single Bung
  • Part #:608-00700-0000

The Stainless Bros motorycle 02 sensor bung plug works with any of our M12x1.25mm Oxygen Sensor Bungs. Precision made from Stainless Steel, this bung has a taper ring to insure a leak free seal. It also features a shallow threaded depth to prevent carbon build up on the lower threads.


Specifications: Threaded Bolt Allen Head - M12 X 1.25mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Thread Size/Pitch: M12 x 1.25mm
Style: Threaded Allen Head O2 Bung Plug
Quantity: Single
Part #: 608-00700-0000

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