SS304 Motorcycle O2 Sensor Bung Plug M12x1.25mm

Your Price: $7.99
Part Number:608-00700-0000
  • Application:O2 Sensor Bung Plug M12x1.25
  • Material:304 Stainless Steel
  • Quantity:Single Bung
  • Part #:608-00700-0000

The Stainless Bros motorycle 02 sensor bung plug works with any of our M12x1.25mm Oxygen Sensor Bungs. Precision made from Stainless Steel, this bung has a taper ring to insure a leak free seal. It also features a shallow threaded depth to prevent carbon build up on the lower threads.


Specifications: Threaded Bolt Allen Head - M12 X 1.25mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Thread Size/Pitch: M12 x 1.25mm
Style: Threaded Allen Head O2 Bung Plug
Quantity: Single
Part #: 608-00700-0000

*This product is designed for monitoring purposes only whereby the user can add additional monitoring equipment and not as an OEM replacement part. Ticon Industries Inc and Stainless Bros assumes no responsibility if the product is not used for its intended purpose*

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