Furick Cup FUPA Twin #12 Cup Kit with Titanium Cover

Your Price: $65.00
Part Number:901-01012-1221
  • Application:Furick Cup FUPA Twin #12 Cup Kit with Titanium Cover
  • Quantity:2 Welding Cups
  • Part #:901-01012-1221

Includes 2 full cups, spare diffuser and 1 titanium protector.

Carries an Issued US Patent on the Diffuser design has an inside diameter of .750 inches/ 19mm and is recommended for DC polarity applications only, It uses anywhere from 20-30 + CFH of Argon flow. It is recommended for 3/32 / 2.4mm tungsten size and carries a 180 amp rating on constant amperage. It can go higher if using pulse settings. It is hand made in the USA of Borosilicate laboratory grade glass. Due to the nature of the Glass “walking the Cup “ is not suggested.

Fupa 12 Mounting
If you have a #17, #18 or #26 size torch you will need a #17 kit.
If you have a #9 or #20 torch you will need to have a 45V44 gas lens, If you have one already you can surly use it , Keep in mind that import brands yield lower results.


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