2.5" SS304 Valve Normally Open with Vacuum Close

Your Price: $129.99
Part Number:618-06311-0000
  • Application:2.5" SS304 Valve Normally Open with Vacuum Close
  • Material:304 Stainless Steel
  • Outlet Size:2.5 Inches
  • Quantity:Single Valve
  • Part #:618-06311-0000

Stainless Bros 2.5" 304 Stainless Steel exhaust valve is perfect for anyone looking to build an exhaust system with a bypass valve or exhaust dump. The normally open operation is how most factory valves work as it will stay open until manifold vacuum is applied. At full throttle the valve will be open, but under light load, the valve stays closed. This is great for any application looking for a tame exhaust at idle and in cruise, and a race inspired sound at wide open throttle.  

*This valve is designed to be mated up to and work in conjunction with any of our Stainless Bros 2.5" tubing*

Application: 2.5" Normally Open Valve with Vacuum Close
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Size: 2.5 Inches
Style: Normally Open
Operational Pressure: Fully closed at -8PSI
Quantity: Single Valve
Part #: 618-06311-0000

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